AADHYAA Chole Masala

₹32.00 ₹36.00


Aadhyaa Chole Masala is a mix of extraordinary and fragrant premium flavors that are used for the creation of this solid and tasty spice mix. Enjoy your bhaturas with amazing chole made with this masala powder for best taste. A blend of exotic and aromatic premium spices goes into the making of healthy and flavorful Chole masala powder. All the ingredients used in this chole masala are grown naturally, i.e. without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Refresh Chole masala is a premium quality spice mix used to make authentic and delicious chole.


  • 100% pure Premium chole masala, with no additives.
  • Provides a variety of vitamins and minerals, fiber and protein.
  • Helps to keep appetite under control.