Aadhyaa Kala Namak Rice

₹350.00 ₹380.00


Kala Namak rice is grown in the tarai area of Siddharth Nagar and ten neighboring districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh.

The aroma of Kalanamak rice is said to be Buddha's gift. It is stronger than all Basmati varieties.

Kalanamak Rice is an aromatic rice that is that can be consumed on a daily basis to maintain a healthy body metabolism. It should be soaked three to four hours before cooking. It can be cooked for two to three whistles to obtain a fluffier and a mushier texture.

Kalanamak rice is rich in micronutrients such as Iron and Zinc. Therefore, this rice is said to prevent diseases borne out of nutrient deficiencies. Regular intake of Kalanamak rice is said to prevent Alzheimer's disease. It has 11% protein, almost double that of common rice varieties.