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Indrayani rice is a typical pleasing aromatic sweet-smelling grain. This rice is grown mainly in the western region of Maharashtra and some regions of Nashik. It has a medium-sized grain. Indrayani rice becomes quite sticky, so you may want to use a little less water in it while cooking. Premium Indrayani rice is rich in fragrance and flavor. Premium Indrayani rice is used mostly to make simple Khichadi or steamed rice to be enjoyed with curries.

- Unpolished with the husk intact.

- Rich in selenium.

- Rich in premium-occurring oils.

- Rich in anti-oxidants.

- High in fibre.

- Helps in regulating and lowering blood pressure.

- Overcoming Constipation.

- Prevent Hemorrhoids. 

Tip: Cook rice in open pot, so that you can adjust the water level if you don't want it more sticky.

Note: Open the rice, add insect/worm repellents and store rice in a packed state in a dry place.